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Jensen Transformers, ISO-MAX CI-2RR In the world of custom, a product doesn't always need to be big or over the top to be awesome. It just needs to reliably solve a problem, and that is exactly what the ISO-MAX did. This Stereo Audio Input Isolator was designed to eliminate ground hums and buzz in the system without negatively affecting the audio signal. Noisy audio goes in, quiet audio comes out. That is a winner in anyone's book!

Lutron Electronics, HomeWorks Lighting Control Remember when you had to get up off the couch and walk over to the wall to turn on the lights one switch at a time? Those were dark days indeed. With Lutron's HomeWorks systems, lights can automatically turn on, off, fade, and rise in response to any number of events, including something as pedestrian as a button press. Scalable to any size and able to integrate with nearly any third-party controller, few systems offer the control, capability and reliability of Lutron's HomeWorks lighting control system.

Runco International, ARC-IV Today we take those stretch, zoom and fill modes on our widescreen TVs for granted, but back in 1991, that wasn't the case. There was no "aspect" button and all TVs were 4:3 - including front projection systems! That meant home theater enthusiasts who owned a Laserdisc player (or an even rarer widescreen VCR tape) were forced to watch everything with black bars. Runco turned the industry on its ear by introducing the ARC-IV outboard aspect ratio controller for use with their projectors. This ingenious device allowed viewers to display widescreen movies without black bars, ushering in a truly cinematic experience at home. Runco reinvented movie viewing again by introducing CineWide with AutoScope, a technology that will likely be inducted in a future ceremony.

Sonance, Sonance 1 Today, every speaker manufacturer has a line of in-wall speakers, but hiding speakers away in walls and ceilings wasn't always so easy. The next time you look up and see a sleek, barely-visible white speaker, you can thank the visionaries at Sonance, who back in 1982 saw a need and addressed it with the Sonance 1, the world's first in-wall loudspeaker. This has probably single-handedly done more for developing the custom installation industry than anything else.