GAME REVIEWS - Conker: Live & Reloaded

Microsoft (Xbox)
Game •••½ Graphics/Sound ••••½
Forget the Farrelly Brothers - Conker is crasser. The raunchy squirrel pisses on fiery demons, leaps onto breast-shaped sunflowers, and lays waste (!) to an opera-singing mound of manure. This, oddly, is all quite fun, because an occasional chuckle does crap, er, crop up. And the game isn't just a toilet-humor marathon. Violent parody of movies like The Matrix and Saving Private Ryan is made awesomely gruesome thanks to a full-on 5.1 tornado of bullets. And visual splendor abounds, especially in "fur shading" - think Sulley of Monsters, Inc. (only real-time, down to the follicle). Wait, did I mention the poo monster?