GAME REVIEWS: Batman Begins

EA (all consoles)
Game ••• Graphics/Sound ••••
The Dark Knight has never been dimmer - but that's a good thing. Much better than the usual licensed schlock, this bat-game borrows from the best - namely, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, ripping off its sly use of diffused light and shadow. This means our Kevlar-clad crusader can slowly stalk his prey or, as conceived by the film's fight choreographer, execute freestyle clips 'n' kicks straight outta some '80s break-dancing bash. It's fluid (if a bit goofy), but good ol' Bruce looks cool doing it, thanks to glossy 720p visuals that bear an eerily realistic resemblance to the actors (backed by cast voiceovers). Still, that doesn't make up for EA's Catwoman - which was schlock licensed from schlock.