GAME REVIEW: Dead or Alive 4

Tecmo (Xbox 360)
Game ••••½ Graphics/Sound ••••½
Tecmo's double-D - er, 3-D - fighting series is back, and it's looking better than ever. As always, the gorgeous Dead or Alive girls are the big draw. But when ogling the scantily clad combatants wears thin (yeah, right), you'll find yourself gazing just as lovingly at the breathtaking backdrops. More than just window dressing, each arena has interactive elements that you can use to your advantage. For example, when you clash in the Vegas Strip clone called Gambler's Paradise, you can knock your opponent into oncoming traffic. And speaking of Sin City ... with one glimpse at how convincingly the blaze of neon is reflected in the rain-soaked streets, it's obvious that DOA4 is the odds-on favorite for best-looking Xbox 360 title to date.