Further Revel-Ations

I know- that’s a badly overused pun. But at the insistence of editor Tom Norton and contributing writer/reviewer Randy Tomlinson I found Revel’s off-site demo of its new Salon2 loudspeaker, which is targeted to come it at around $22K/pr. And will be joined in the Ultima line by matched center and surround speakers.

Revel’s chief designer and main man Kevin Voecks, pictured above with his new babies, took us through an outstanding demo of the new speakers with Levinson electronics providing the source (CD), as well and pre-and power amplification.

The new Salon2 features magnesium woofers and a 4” magnesium midrange and a Beryllium tweeter. The cabinets feature several layers of MDF rigidly adhered together so as a to make a single, thick cabinet.

The sound was incredibly smooth and detailed in spite of the hotel room environs. The soundstage was convincing, but what really startled me was the jump factor on dynamic transients and the speaker’s ability to lose none of the small stuff even in the presence of dynamic, loud and powerful bass instruments. This speaker is excellent at keeping all the low-level details clearly organized and the overall clarity is simply striking.

Kevin’s well chosen music cuts were sounded so terrific that I feel almost sacrilegious thinking of how the clarity and dynamic authority of this speaker will sound in a home theater system. But I have to believe it would be something to hear and experience these speakers in such a setting.