Focal Offers the Choice of Open- or Closed-Back Design with New Headphones

Though Focal is best known for the fine speakers it builds in France, the company has been slowly expanding its line of high-quality headphone over the past decade. Today, the company announced two new over-ear wired models, bringing the total number of headphones it offers to nine.

Slated to ship in June, the new open-back Hadenys (pronounced ah den ees, left in photo) and closed-back Azurys (ah zur ees) are built around the same driver used in Focal’s wireless Bathys model, recipient of a Sound & Vision Top Pick in 2023. The 1.6-inch driver is a patented design featuring an inverted, M-shaped profile and an aluminum/magnesium cone, chosen for its ability to “deliver deep bass, smooth treble, and clear vocals.” The “M” refers to a fold around the border of the cone.

Pricing is $699 for the Hadenys and $549 for the Azurys.

On both models, the headband is made of leather (on top) with breathable fabric, and the yoke that attaches the headband to the earcups is made of lightweight magnesium; the earcups sport a distinctive honeycomb grille design, which, of course, is open on the Hadenys and closed on the Azurys. Memory foam is used in the earpads on the Hadenys, while the Azurys’ earpads are made of an insulated material designed to adapt to the shape of the head; both are covered in breathable fabric.

Focal says the open-design of the Hadenys makes them ideal for use at home, while the closed-back Azurys are suitable for use at home or on the go. In terms of specs, the key difference between the models is a rated frequency response that goes down to 25 Hz for the Hadenys and 15 Hz for the Azurys. Weight is comparable but the Hadenys weigh slightly less at 10.4 ounces than the Azurys, which weigh in at 10.8 ounces.

Both models come with a matching carrying case and cable. The Hadenys includes a 6-foot cable and a quarter-inch adapter and the Azurys comes with a 4-foot minijack cable with an in-line remote control and microphone. For more information, visit

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