Firefox Matchstick Streamer Takes On Chromecast

The Matchstick streaming dongle runs on the Firefox operating system and hopes to burn through its Chromecast competition. It works in the same way as Chromecast in that it uses a mobile device to “cast” (send) the URL of a video to the dongle. The dongle’s developers explained that the major difference between the two devices is that Matchstick can send information back to the mobile device, which would enable links for purchasing items shown onscreen to be sent to a smartphone or tablet, as one example.

Where Chromecast is based on Google Chrome, the Matchstick is based on Mozilla Firefox. Although there are few if any smartphones in the U.S. that have a Firefox OS, it is a popular option in other parts of the world. The Matchstick does not require a Firefox mobile device. Video streaming apps on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets are enabled to work with Matchstick when a user downloads the Matchstick app.

Matchstick has a couple other features that are not available on Chromecast. With Matchstick, the sending mobile device does not have to be on the same network or even in the same vicinity. Also, it can receive a signal from more than one mobile device and display images in a picture-in-picture window.

Matchstick developers have come to CES looking for distribution. While a price hasn’t been set, the company mentioned $20 to $25 as a likely price point.