FIBBR's New Optical HDMI Cable Is Drop-Out Free

Sure, many high-speed HDMI cables can handle 4K/60 content. But can they hack it at that resolution for distances greater than 15 feet?

FIBBR, a division of YOFC, a China-based glass fiber manufacturer that’s apparently the world’s largest, is showing its UltraPro HDMI cable at CEDIA. The active optical cable (AOC) is certified by both the Imaging Science Foundation and Simplay Labs to deliver dropout-free 18Gbps data transmissions at distances up to 50 meters. How do they manage it? Along with using glass fiber for its cables, the company manufactures its own HDMI chipsets, which are embedded in the connector casings at either end. Not only is FIBBR’s cable reliable, it’s lightweight and flexible, which helps to maintain the integrity of installations by easing stress on connection points.

The UltraPro HDMI cable is available now at prices ranging from $229 (10 meters) to $629 (50 meters).

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sounds very cool, although expensive but sounds very cool for those that want very long distance cable runs. Beside the long distance run, lightweight and flexible sound so good to me.

its not for me of course since i connect my audio/video players close to my tv and 10 ft hdmi cables should be enough for me. but it does sounds very cool for those that want to hook up their hdmi players from long distance.

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Hi Wild Guy, the old myth that copper is ok for short runs on HDMI is no longer true. The emergence of data rich native 4K + HDR / Dolby Vision + WCG + native hi res audio soundtracks makes fiber optic connections necessary even at short distances. The data loss over copper washes out the color depth and fine details in the picture, see our side by side comparison of copper vs fiber at 5 ft at Its easy to see the difference.

All the best,
Bob Rapoport

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Thanks for your post Al, I'm the official distributor for FiBBER Tech (pronounced the same as fiber)in the USA now, consumers can see and purchase the line at To clarify, the line starts at 5 ft at $139.99, with 6.6 ft at $149.99 and 10 ft at $159.99. The emergence of data rich native 4K + HDR / Dolby Vision + WCG + native Hi Res Audio soundtracks makes fiber the logical choice for all HDMI connections, even the short ones. Check out our side by side comparison vs copper at 5 ft, it dramatically reveals how much data loss is occurring even at 5 ft now. Thanks.

Bob Rapoport, CEO, Essence For Hi Res Audio