Epos Creates Phone-Friendly K-Series Tower Speaker

Epos Acoustics could justify the claim that its new K-series speakers are fine-tuned for today's audio world based solely on the sleek, seamless design. But there's more to the K-series than cool looks. The speakers use a modular design that lets you convert them to fully active products with USB and Bluetooth compatibility.

The crossover/input rear panel of the $1,750/pair tower speaker can be removed so that an amplifier/digital audio module can be installed. You just pluck the speaker wires out of the passive crossover, reconnect them to the active module, then screw the active module into the back of the speaker.

The module includes USB, coaxial digital, optical digital and analog audio inputs as well as Bluetooth capability. THus, the speaker can connect directly to your phone, tablet or computer without the need for an amp or preamp or digital-to-analog converter. You assign each speaker to the left or right channel.

Included in each module are three amps and an analog line-level crossover, so each of the speaker's three drivers gets its own amp and its own custom-tailored signal.

The module will also work with the company's new $795/pair K-series bookshelf speaker. Price of the module is still TBD, and it's slated to ship in about five months. Magnetic grilles for the speakers are optional.