Electrocompaniet Offers Wireless Multiroom Audio

The Norwegian high-end audio manufacturer Electrocompaniet was at CEDIA this year with something a little different: the North American launch of the company's EC Living wireless multiroom music system.

Similar to some other wireless multiroom systems already on the market, the EC Living system uses a proprietary iOS/Android app and offers hi-res audio quality via your existing Wi-Fi network. Unusually, though, the product offerings include both conventional tabletop components as well as in-wall models geared toward concealment by custom integrators. The system also offers integration with the leading 3rd-party control systems.

The Tana active loudspeaker, shown in the photo, is a standalone tabletop speaker with a 150-watt class A/B amplifier and 192kHz/24-bit DAC. The compact Rena is a streamer/amplifier combo featuring a 2x75 watt Class D amp to drive any pair of speakers, and is also offered without the amplifier as a streamer/preamp module for delivering music to an existing sound system.

For the installer community, Electrocompaniet showed the Alna, a compact, rugged streamer featuring a 2x75-watt Class D amp with low-voltage requirements that makes it suitable for mounting in ceilings and walls. The Marna offers a combination of streamer, amp, and speaker in a single product designed for in-wall and in-ceiling applications.

Music sources for the system include the homeowner's network-based music library as well as streaming services including Tidal, Spotify, and integrated Internet radio. The system is also AirPlay compliant. A partnership with MQA was announced at the show and MQA decoding will be integrated in the EC Living lineup in the near future.