ELAC Previews Wireless Interactive Music Experience

What you’re looking at is ELAC’s forthcoming wireless speaker. In truth, it’s a wireless powered speaker module—the company hasn’t settled yet on which of its bookshelf speaker models, the B5 or B6, will eventually get the wireless treatment.

Also shown is ELAC’s Discovery Music Server, which will cost $999 when it arrives this spring. ELAC’s server runs an embedded version of Roon, a music library and discovery application that reaps data from the Internet to make music-listening a fully interactive experience. You just link to a NAS or attach a USB drive filled with music files to the server’s back panel, download the Roon iOS or Android app to a tablet and browse away. Roon also integrates with Tidal and other music services, includes 8GB of onboard storage for metadata, and provides both optical digital and three sets of RCA stereo analog outputs.

The wireless part of the story here is that ELAC’s Discovery speaker will be able to stream audio from the Discovery server over your wireless network, making Discovery a fully integrated, internet-connected music system. ELAC was also showing its new DA101EQ Debut Series 100WPC integrated amplifier, which will be available in Q2 for $599.