Easy Listening

For those days when your significant other tells you to turn the volume down, Audio-Technica has a new set of headphones that will make your home theater experience a much more private one. Its latest bunch of headphones are easy on the ears and eyes, and they come in both in-ear and on-ear varieties.

Audio-Technica says that its new headphones feature premium-quality drivers and components so your listening experience will be clean, clear, and accurate. The headphones range in price from $60 to $500. The latter price may make some wince, but the ATH-CK10 in-ear model promises to be worth the high price tag. The ATH-CK10 headphones feature advanced technology, such as separate low- and high-frequency neodymium-magnet drivers. Additionally, all of the headphones feature noise-canceling technology, so you’ll only hear what you want to hear.