Dynaudio Updates Entry-Level Emit Speaker Series

Danish speaker specialist Dynaudio has updated its entry-level Emit series with five models ranging in price from $799 to $2,249/pair.

The line comprises the Emit 10 ($799/pair) and Emit 20 ($999/pair) two-way bookshelf models, the two-and-a-half-way Emit 30 ($1,699/pair) and three-way Emit 50 ($2,249/pair) towers, and the Emit 25C center speaker ($799).

At the heart of each speaker is the same “Cerotar” tweeter used in Dynaudio’s costlier Evoke series speakers. The fabric-dome tweeter is designed to reduce unwanted resonances and flatten frequency response by optimizing airflow.

Based on the driver design used in the Evoke series, the diaphragms of the midrange drivers and woofers are made of a Magnesium Silicate Polymer (MSP) composite material developed by Dynaudio to achieve the “right combination of lightness, stiffness, and damping” in an effort to promote sonic accuracy.

The combination of bonding the diaphragms directly to a copper-clad, aluminium-wire voice-coil assembly and using dual, stacked ferrite-ceramic magnets provides “greater control over the driver’s movement and excursion for more sonic precision” and improved dynamics at lower frequencies.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, the Emit crossovers speakers are hybrid designs that use different combinations of first-, second- and fourth-order topologies to optimize each speaker’s performance while ensuring a consistent sonic signature across all models.

The Emit 10 and 20 bookshelf models are rated down to 64 and 53 Hz (±3 dB), respectively, and mate the tweeter with a 5.5-inch or 7-inch woofer in a cabinet 11.4 or 14.6 inches tall. Rated down to 44 Hz, the Emit 30 floorstander combines the tweeter with two 5.5-inch drivers in a cabinet 37 inches tall. Standing 48 inches inches tall, the Emit 50 is rated down to 33 Hz and has a 6-inch midrange driver and two 7-inch woofers.

All Emit models feature a new dual-flared port optimized to reduce air turbulence and minimize unwanted “chuffing” at the lowest frequencies. Cabinets are made of 0.7-inch medium density fiberboard and filled with damping material “measured down to the gram for the right combination of damping and openness.” Black, white, and walnut laminate finishes are available and each speaker includes a black grille that attaches magnetically.

Though Dynaudio was acquired by China’s Goertek in 2014, its speakers are still designed, styled, and tuned at Dynaudio Labs in Denmark, which is well known for advanced driver design and furniture-grade cabinetry.

For more information, visit dynaudio.com.