Dome Builds a Better (Z-Wave) Mousetrap and Water Main Shut-Off Valve

You can always expect to find something you didn’t expect to find at CEDIA. This year, for me, it was a better mousetrap—a Z-Wave-enabled mousetrap, as a matter of fact. Dome took top honors in the unexpected category with the company’s announcement of the Mouser, “the first ever smart mouse trap…designed to humanely eliminate mice and other rodents with an electric jolt and send a notification that the trap is ready to be emptied.” No, I’m not joking. And no, it’s something that’ll actually be useful for people who suffer from an overabundance of mice.

In addition to being Z-Wave+ Certified, Dome’s Mouser is easy-to-use: “set bait, turn on and place in desired location.” For the squeamish who still have the need to eliminate pesky rodents, the Mouser is touch-free. All you need to do is hold the handle, tip the Mouser, and watch the contents fall out. (Or don’t watch the contents fall out, depending upon your tolerance for dead rodents.)

Dome’s Mouser uses four AA batteries that provide over 50 zaps per battery set and has a communication range of up to 150 feet. The MSRP is $79.99, and the new Z-Wave zapper is scheduled to be shipping by the first quarter of 2017.

For those who prefer a totally hands-free operation, Dome is working on a Z-Wave+ Certified cat. (No pricing or availability announced…)

The Mouser wasn’t the only innovative Z-Wave+ Certified device on display at CEDIA. The company’s unique Water Main Shut-Off Valve installs over existing valves—and requires only a screwdriver to complete the install. Most notably, no plumber is necessary. A motorized arm on the Shut-Off Valve automatically closes your existing water valve whenever a water leak is detected. In addition to being a less-expensive valve shut-off solution than any of the other alternatives currently on the market because of the no-plumber-needed DIY install, the Shut-Off Valve’s $99.99 MSRP makes it significantly more affordable than other in-line shut-off valves. The Shut-Off Valve is expected to be available later this year.