Dojo Protects Your Home Network Like a Ninja

A common talking point amongst IoT providers at CES is how they are designing products to protect against malicious Internet DDOS attacks like the Mirai botnet that recently took down the Net for millions back in September. The reality is that network security is a complex, difficult to understand concept for many people, and creating a truly secure network is simply beyond the ability of most users and their networking components. That’s where Dojo comes in, becoming your own full-time network protecting ninja!

Designed with maximum simplicity and plug-and-play user friendliness in mind, Dojo connects to the home’s existing Wi-Fi router and then brings enterprise-class security to a home by constantly monitoring all incoming and outgoing traffic with deep packet inspection to detect and cut-off any malicious content in the data stream. Dojo then makes sure your home is not only private from access by outside world – say if someone tried to reroute a video camera feed to an unauthorized device -- but makes devices like alarms, baby monitors, thermostats, and locks hack-proof and totally secure.

Dojo comes with Pebble, a small black device that resembles a stone and gives homeowners a quick visual display of the home’s network health. Pebble connects to Dojo via long-range, low-power Bluetooth and is designed to sit in a conspicuous location. Pebble glows blue when booting up, lights green when all is safe, flashes amber when it has detected and thwarted a threat, and red when some user action is required, say to allow authorized remote access to a device. Dojo also comes with an app which notifies users wherever they are in the world of network intrusion issues, and also allows them to easily make adjustments such as granting guest network privileges to visitors.

Also interesting is that Dojo is a global platform, constantly analyzing and examining usage data across all users and devices and then learning from that shared data to benefit all users through security updates.

Dojo will begin shipping in April at a price of $199 which includes 12 months of service. After the first year, service plans are $9/month or $99/year.