DISH Wants More Integration

After pointing out that it was only two years ago when DISH first introduced the Hopper whole-home HD DVR, Vivek Khemka, DISH senior vice president of product management, announced the expansion of DISH’s program to further the integration of the Hopper with a number of additional home automation systems. “We are allowing unprecedented access to the DISH API,” Kemka explained. With access to the API, third-party automation system programmers will be able to provide seamless control of the Hopper within the confines of the smart home’s controller rather than forcing the homeowner to use two remote controls or apps, often with two dramatically different user interfaces.

The list of new automation partners announced by DISH includes, Crestron, Savant, AMX, and Roomie Remote. The companies join Control4, whose participation with DISH was announced at CES earlier this year, in working with the satellite provider on integration of the Hopper within their ecosystems. DISH also announced that as part of the program, the company will be providing support for the automation partners, including assistance with Hopper integration in the field.

More partners are to be announced as the program grows.