DPI's Colossal 8K Projector Will Set You Back $400K

Digital Projection isn’t mentioned often in our pages except at shows, perhaps because its product lineup is bewilderingly varied, or perhaps because most of its offerings are priced in the “If you have to ask” category.

Take the Insight Laser 8K 3-chip DLP shown here. Available with a wide range of interchangeable lenses, it showed some spectacular 8K images, with a brightness level rated at 25,000 ANSI lumens and an energy consumption rated at 3.5KW! As you can see, it’s about 4-times the size of any home theater projector we know of from most other manufacturers. And if you do ask, it will set you back about $400,000. My house didn’t cost that much.

Like both Sony and Samsung, Digital Projection also showed its own version of a tiled “wall” made up of micro, or at least mini, LEDs. It, too looked incredible and is similarly wallet shreading.