Digital Projection Demos 4K(ish) Laser Projector

In an earlier blog I suggested that SIM2 with its new Nero4 projector was the first to use TI’s new pseudo 4K chip, meaning that it uses pixel shifting on its digital micromirrors to put the full resolution of a 4K source on screen, but not all at once. Half of the resolution is presented first, then microseconds later the mirrors shift by a fraction of a pixel and the rest of the image is displayed. Sounds fishy if you haven’t seen it, but it works (JVC and Epson use a similar process in their projectors that accept a 4K input—apart from JVC’s new BLUEscent, which is a true 4K design).

I don’t believe I was wrong with respect to the Nero4 being the first such projector likely to get to market (though the Nero4 demo sample was a prototype, so who can tell who will be first). Digital Projection was also showing a prototype of such a design using laser-based illumination. It looked very good, though I’d put it slightly below what I saw from the Nero4. Its black level also needs further work. But it’s still clearly in development and won’t be formally launched until at January at the earliest. It’s also not currently HDR-capable, though should be upgradeable with a software update before (or slightly after) launch.

DP also showed its Insight 4K LED-illuminated projector, at $150,000. The same projector is available with laser-based lighting at $90,000. The latter is the projector being used in the JBL Synthesis demo at the show. More on that in a later blog.