Digital Projection Showcases High-end Laser Projectors

Digital Projection impressed with three of its premier models for home theater buyers with deep pockets. The Insight 4K Laser, a 3-chip DLP, was shown on a screen big enough to be used in a modest multipex. It offers up to a specified 12,000 lumens, 4K resolution with HDR and wide color, a 2000:1 contrast ratio (no mention made as to whether this was full-on/full-off or ANSI, but none of the three DP models shown had particularly impressive black levels), and a range of lens options. The one shown at the show will set you back $99,000 and, at 148 lbs., is clearly a job for SuperInstaller.

The Highlight Laser 4K-UHD, at $45,000, is a on the pocketbook. Another 3-chip DLP rated at 12,500 lumens with the same rated contrast ratio as its big brother, it produced equally good results on a smaller (but still plenty big) screen. Interestingly, the DLP chips used here were said to be the 0.67 versions that use pixel shifting (described in more detail in a blog a bit further on). To my knowledge this would be the first application of these devices in a 3-chip projector.

Finally, the E-Vision Laser 4K-UHD is a single-chip model rated at 7500 lumens and using the same 0.67 pixel shifting DLP chip, with a specified contrast ratio of 4000:1. $20,000.