December 2005 Entertainment Reviews

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Goodbye Hello A crop of Cream on DVD, and Eric on DualDisc
Pixies Pixies Sell Out: 2004 Reunion Tour
Liz Phair Somebody's Miracle
My Morning Jacket Z
The Band CD: A Musical History; DVD: The Band
The Like Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals Jacksonville City Nights
Neil Young Prairie Wind
Big Star Big Star in Space
Boxed to the Nines These two kings of reissues are bearing sets (9 each, lotsa stars!)
PG or Not PG? A new, sexier trend in music.
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Batman Begins
Wallace & Gromit Three Amazing Adventures
Last Days
Battlestar Galactica Season 1
The Interpreter
Titanic Special Collector's Edition
High Tension
The Outsiders The Complete Novel
Z Channel A Magnificent Obsession
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore Two Movies: Beyond the Fringe and Not Only But Always
Masculin Féminin
Little Black Dress A look at two TV Spy series on DVD: Alias and La Femme Nikita
Cracked Actors The films of Nicolas Roeg
Boxer Shorts Nothing quite says "Happy Holidays" like a set of 15 (or 40) DVDs
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Call of Duty 2
Indigo Prophecy
Shadow of the Colossus
You Look Marvel-ous! Three new games based on Marvel comic books
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