DarbeeVision Enhances 4K Video

Sure, you might think that 8 million pixels of glorious UHD, 4K video would be the height of pristine image quality on its own without any room or need for improvement, but DarbeeVision would beg to differ. At CES the company demonstrated the improvements that could be had when true 4K images are processed and enhanced with the company’s proprietary Visual Presence DVP processing.

DarbeeVision’s DVP enhancement processing has already been well-established in the video performance market through the company’s own DVP 5000S and DVP 5100CIE, and its technologies built into products from Lumagen, Oppo and Wolf Cinema. DVP restores depth and clarity and performs image enhancement, and the resulting processing applied to 4K produced images that were filled with more detail and contrast. According to Darbee, 4K content provides even more information for Darbee’s processing to work its video voodoo, so it can achieve results with 4K that are just as impressive as what the company has been doing for years with standard and HD video.

While the demonstration was performed with static images--which made it easier to see the results--it could be applied to moving 4K video as well. The demo included a sweeping bar that passed across the screen demonstrating where the processing was being applied to the image area, letting you see the results in real time. (Notice the thin black vertical line just to the right of the cat's nose in the picture; the image to the right has received the processing.) As the video received DVP processing, it delivered additional fine-level detail, pulling out deep shadows and texture in the image and making colors more vibrant. Individual strands of the cat’s fur clearly stood out in detail, rocks on a beach stood out in better contrast, and the individual stones in a wall were more clearly visible.

This was just a technology demonstration and no current product implementation is immediately planned.

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