Coros Hits the Road with the Linx Bicycle Helmet with Bone Conduction Technology

Any cyclist knows how dangerous it can be to use earphones while cycling. They also know how much more fun it can be if there’s music motivating your workout. Coros is introducing a cycling helmet that lets users hear ambient sounds while playing music or taking a phone call.

By using bone-conduction inside the helmet straps, the user’s ears are open to hear a passing “on your left”, an approaching siren, or even the clatter that lets you know it’s time to lube your chain. A wireless remote is included that attaches to the handlebars - it interfaces with both iOS or Android. There is also an app that tracks GPS details and syncs with Strava, because as we all know, if it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen. And if you do push too hard on that KOM segment and crash, the Linx will alert a designated contact if the G-sensor detects a significant impact. It includes a GPS location with the notification.

Coros is dedicated to making cycling safer, and more fun too. They’re currently working on a radar system for cyclists too, and integrating walkie-talkie radios into the Linx so riders can easily communicate within the peloton.

The Linx helmet was launched on Kickstarter and is currently available for $199 at