Copyright Warning Thrillingly Refreshed

Don't you just love this bright new Blu-ray world we're living in? To celebrate the great transition, the studios now have hip high-def copyright warnings. This one came from Warner's 10,000 BC. Notice the forceful graphics, the festive colors, the 4:3 aspect ratio. The rounded screen corners that remind me of a 1950s B&W Magnavox--the first TV I remember, delivery medium for countless episodes of Captain Kangaroo. Best of all, it stays onscreen a real long time, and is invulnerable to the track-skip and fast-forward keys, so you have plenty of time to meditate on 5 YEARS IN FEDERAL PRISON before your evening entertainment. That'll stop those bootleggers and analog-hole deviants from stealing our precious bodily fluids! Uh, I mean our intellectual property. Or perhaps the studios are just as tone-deaf as ever, wasting the time of law-abiding Blu-ray renters and purchasers to send a message to other people who are impervious to copyright warnings. For the record, I have no intention of ever bootlegging a Blu-ray disc. But all those moments spent watching dopey copyright warnings add up. Couldn't they be shortened to three seconds, or made skippable, to really celebrate a new age of great HD entertainment? I want my life back.

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The only way to get them to listen is to stop buying/renting their products. However, there are too many sheep that don't know/don't care. Or buy 4 TB hard drives and rip BDs and customize them anyway you want. I used to do this with DVDs I bought until I realized that there were only a select few movies I'll watch enough to make it worthwhile.

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Kind of gives one second thoughts about supporting a candidate whose primary financial support comes from the entertainment industry. Nothing like a shill for Hollywood in the White House. Don't get me wrong, I don't particularly like either candidate, and I am truly undecided about who is the best of the worst, but this is another instance where our interests/love/hobby intersects with politics.

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