The Coolest Door Lock You’ve Seen

Door locks are not meant to be cool. Door locks are not meant to be sexy. Door lock are supposed to be utilitarian devices that keep the bad people out of your house when you’re not home, and require limited access by using a good, old-fashioned key, the way our forefathers intended.

These are all things that Goji has clearly never heard, because the company’s new Smart Lock is by far the sexiest industrial design I’ve seen on a door lock. In fact, I think that Goji might do for the smart lock what Nest did for the smart thermostat.

Besides looking frickin’ cool, the Goji lock uses Bluetooth, WiFi and Zigbee to provide a host of other awesome functions. When paired with a smart phone – iOS or Android – the lock will recognize you via Bluetooth as you approach it, automatically unlocking and welcoming you by name. This visual name indication on the lock’s display lets you know that it is working correctly. If you have a family member without a smart phone, they can use a key fob to allow access, and there is even a traditional key for a failsafe.

When a guest approaches the Goji, the built-in camera takes a picture and automatically sends it to you via text and email, letting you know who is at the door. You can then use the app to let them in, or, you know, call 911 or whatever.

Goji has also signed agreements with Savant and Control4 to integrate with their advanced automation systems. The Goji Smart Lock will be available in March for $299.