Control4 Makes Custom Composing Easier

Custom integrators that sell Control4 systems got a boost today when Control4 announced the immediate release of Composer Express, “a powerful mobile configuration tool that enables Control4 Dealers to dramatically simplify and accelerate the set-up process for home automation systems.” According to Control4, even basic-level installation technicians should be able to use Composer Express on a tablet or smartphone in order to “configure most one-room home theaters in very short order, or set up hundreds of devices in the most complex whole-home installations in a few hours…”

One significant reason why configuration time is reduced is due to the fact that Composer Express is capable of auto-integrating SDDP-enabled (Simple Device Discovery Protocol) devices into the system “with a single touch.” Composer Express also provides access to an online library of drivers for thousands of devices, including ZigBee devices, for quick integration of third-party products. Control4 estimates that setup times for single-room home theater systems can be reduced by up to 70-percent.

The Control4 Composer Express app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets is available now to all authorized Control4 Dealers.