New Classé Amps Are Class A (Up to 25 Watts)

Classé introduced its new two-channel Delta preamp ($9,000), Delta stereo amplifier ($10,000), and Delta monoblock amp ($9,000 each). The amps are rated at 250wpc/8 ohms for the stereo version and 300wpc/8 ohms for the monoblocks and said to remain in class A up to 25W. The preamp includes both analog and digital capabilities, together with available parametric equalization and tone/tilt controls.

On the home theater front, the new Rotel RAP-1580 surround-sound amplifier processor ($3,799, and they don't call it an AVR because it has no tuner capabilities) will be available soon, with 7x100 watts of amplification plus Dolby Atmos and DTS:X capabilities. Additional outboard amplification will be required for a full 7.2.4 setup. Rotel eschews automated room correction in favor of 10-bands of parametric equalization on all channels.