Check on Loved Ones with Onelink’s Envirocam

For decades, First Alert has manufactured products designed to keep families safe through smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors. Onelink takes the company’s legacy forward into the connected world with a group of products designed to protect and inform you no matter where you are. One of the coolest monitoring products I ran across was the new Wi-Fi Envirocam that is designed to give peace of mind to parents and caretakers alike.

While “nanny” cams are nothing new, Onelink’s upcoming Wi-Fi Envirocam (shipping in Q3, pricing unavailable) takes monitoring to the next level. The small tabletop device includes a pan, tilt, zoom 1080P IP camera armed with night-vision that can be viewed remotely on a free app to ensure you never miss a moment. Beyond the camera features, the Envirocam also incorporates several other features designed to ensure your loved ones are totally safe.

First, the camera allows users to set perimeter boundaries which can notify you if anyone comes into the room, or if the person being monitored should get out of bed and start wandering around. The camera also features two-way audio so you can listen in and communicate.

Second, the camera tracks the room’s environment, measuring the temperature, humidity and carbon monoxide levels inside. The app allows users to set limits which will send push notifications if some parameter falls outside a set limit.

Finally the camera has a respiration detection function that measures and tracks the number of breaths taken in a minute, including under a blanket or a variety of sleeping positions. The app lists normal respiration rates for different ages, and again can send a push notification the moment that breathing falls outside a set limit, making sure you have enough time to respond to any emergency.