CES Keynote: Sony Announces Short Throw 4k Projector

During an impassioned keynote, Sony Chairman Kazuo Hirai promised to deliver content without the box. The first product in what Sony calls Lifespace UX will be the Ultra Short Throw Projector. A long, short rectangular box is placed close to any wall in your house and projects a 147 inch 4k image on the wall. Hirai described content that includes real time, life size images in this makeshift window that might include an outdoor view with transitions. The Ultra Short Throw Projector will be available Summer 2014.

Lifespace UX also includes a computer that is projected onto any flat or convex surface. Users point to the projected image as if using a touchscreen. The computer device recognizes the break in beam to respond to the hand movements. Hirai asked us to imagine watching a Skype video call on your dining room table.

The theme of Sony's keynote was curiosity and Kando--a japanese word that describes that emotional response of "wow!"--and the goal of Sony's innovation in many areas from medical fields, to advancements in automatic sensing for better photos, to agriculture.

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I have been waiting years for pj manufacturers to start making serious HT short-throw pjs. It seems to me that a lot of energy could potentially be saved, plus you don't have the 'walking in front of the light path' issue.