CES 2012 Vizio 21x9 Cinema Display

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So, for the third straight year, Vizio promises to bring this to market. Don't hold your breath, 21.9 fans. I waited those 3 years, then ended up w/a Panasonic 55" VT.
One must "travel" to Britan via internet to read some of their publications on Phillips version of 21.9. Its been available there for several years now. I did manage to use one of their forums to discuss the merits of such a set. The gentleman who replied stated that his 70" Phillips would produce a 47" 16:9 image (the standard there as it is here). Stretching that 16:9 image to fill the entire screen was similiar to taking a 4:3 & stretching it to fill 16:9. Sometimes it works ok, sometimes it don't. The key word is ok. Thats the best you can expect. If one is a purest, you won't be happy viewing stretched anything.
He did state Phillips does an excellent job with anamorphic widescreen films, be they DVD or Blu Ray. So if movies are your principal means of entertainment, wait & see if Vizio fulfills it's promise this year.