CES 2012 is Nigh

I hope you had a very happy holiday season and are quickly recovering from any overindulgence during your New Year celebration. Now that all the consumerism is over…well, actually, it's hardly over. The biggest consumerfest is still to come—the Consumer Electronics Show will be held next week in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. I'll be there with HomeTheater.com's crack team of correspondents, including Rob Sabin, Tom Norton, Mark Fleischmann, Darryl Wilkinson, and Barb Gonzalez, along with 140,000 of our closest friends to see what's in store—or rather, what will be in stores—for the coming year. We'll be posting lots of blogs and videos from the show, so be sure to visit this site every day for the latest news from the bleeding edge of audio/video innovation. See you in Vegas!

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Will you be at CES all four days, Scott? If so, and if your time permits, perhaps you should set up range of time where your fans could come and meet, and share their thoughts with you personally. Let's call it, "Tea with Scott Wilkinson" session.

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...that you would suggest such a thing; thanks! I will be there all four days, and time is indeed precious at CES. But I will be doing a panel called "3DTV: From Theater to Living Room" on Tuesday from 11:30 to 12:30 in room N254 (North Hall meeting rooms), and I could stick around after that to talk with anyone who shows up. Also, I'll be broadcasting with Leo Laporte from the TWiT stage just inside the entrance to the lower level of South Hall on Friday from 12 to 1 PM, and I could stick around after that as well. I would look forward to meeting any readers who'd like to say hi and let me know what's important to you in the world of home theater!
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Can't wait for your reports Scott as I can't go this year.
Plus love to hear your speculation on how Apple might crash the HDTV market.


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Sorry you can't make it to the show this year! I don't know if we'll hear anything about an Apple television at CES, but you can bet we'll cover it if anything is revealed. The article you link to here seems to describe an advanced form of local dimming in an LCD TV, though the rumors I've heard up to now point to an OLED such as the one being shown by LG Display, which provides screens for many Apple products. I'll certainly ask LG Display if they can comment on any involvement with Apple.
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As usual I'm super excited for this years CES! I just love your coverage each year Scott, along with the rest of HT's crack team. My calibrator had given me an invitation to go but unfortunately I cannot make it. Looking forward to seeing all the goodies!