CEDIA Expo 2012: Sony Teams Up With Control4 To Add Automation To ES Receivers

In a sign of the times, Sony and Control4 announced today that a pair of Sony's top-of-the-line ES receivers (the $2,099 9.2 channel STR-DA5800ES and the $999 7.1 channel STR-DA2800ES in particular), would include Control4 automation right out of the box (single-room, entertainment-center-specific flavor only), with upgradability to a full Control4 Activation License available for $300 through your friendly neighborhood system integrator.

 That'll let you use your receiver as part of a whole home automation setup. Draw the curtains, dim the lights, and get your robot servant to get started on the snacks as you cue up a Blu-ray? With a Control4-enabled ES receiver, you can do all of that (let us know where you got the robot servant) from the comfort of one of Control4's tablet or smartphone apps. Nifty, eh?

Sony's laid out a helpful automation mini-site to walk you though the details, and possibly to give you house and home automation envy, not to mention taunting you with their lovely new receivers, which are available now through authorized Control4 and Sony dealers.