CEATEC 2006 - SED Lives! Sort of…

As rumored, Toshiba/Canon showed off three 55-inch SED displays, proving without a doubt that they can make at least three SED panels. They looked as impressive as the oft-seen 37-inch, with a mix of pre-recorded (and motion filled) colorful images, and even a live action scene (with a camera on a person and puppet that was in sight of the audience). Here’s the bad news: They’re now saying the end of 2007, but with no definite pricing or quantity.

Chris Snyder's picture

I had a chance to see the SED displays at CES in January. The picture was the best I've seen. The video clip of the bus moving across the screen was razor sharp with no hint of motion artifacts that I could discern. - Granted, a railing kept us distanced from the screens by four or five feet.

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