Car Parks You

Check out the my new review of the $1000 720p Optoma here.

Also, I attended an event for the new Lexus LS 460. It has a really impressive Mark Levinson audio system (look for an article soon). Perhaps even cooler, is that this is the car that can park itself. Check out a video of it doing so here:
Car Parks Itself! (12 MB)

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You should do a face-off between the Levinson system in the Lexus and the Linn system in the Aston-Martin Vanquish :-).

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You should also check out the Infiniti G35 that Wes Phillips wrote about on the Stereophile website last July.

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Geoffrey, You mention in your review of the Optoma HD70 that a DVD player with a good scaler. I looked on the HT web site and couldn't find any recent DVD players reviewed. I might want a DVD recorder/player. Could you recommend a good value Player and Player/Recorder?