Cambridge Audio’s M100 Wireless Earbuds Primed for Easy Listening

Long-time U.K. audio specialist Cambridge Audio has introduced wireless earbuds that support high-quality listening for up to 10 hours even when active noise cancellation is turned on.

The new Melomania M100 ($219) earbuds are water-resistant and embrace the latest streaming technologies with support for Bluetooth 5.3, LE (low energy) Audio, Snapdragon Sound with aptX Lossless, and aptX Adaptive, meaning they are built to conserve power and improve audio quality whether you’re listening to music at CD quality or in high resolution (up to 24 bits/ 96 kHz). In addition to conserving battery power, LE Audio supports Auracast, which makes it possible to broadcast audio to nearby compatible devices.

The M100s also support Gaming Mode, which puts Bluetooth into a low-latency mode, reducing delay to 80 milliseconds and ensuring sound and images are in sync.

To combat intrusive noise, feed-back/feed-forward technology is deployed in conjunction internal and external microphones to block out noise around the listener. The system is based on Qualcomm’s Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), which automatically adjusts the level of noise cancellation based on the environment and other factors and lets users switch listening modes — from calls to music to using a voice assistant — without interrupting noise cancellation.

Earbuds that aren’t comfortable miss the point, so the Cambridge design team referenced data collected from thousands of users to come up with a light, well-balanced design that provides a snug yet comfortable fit, even when worn throughout the day. And to make sure the fit is just right, a selection of (three) silicone and (two) memory foam tips is included. Adding convenience to comfort, the M100s support no-fuss pairing via Google Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair: When the earphones broadcast their availability, Android and Microsoft devices prompt you to pair.

The M100 earbuds were designed, engineered, and tested using Cambridge’s CX Series amplifiers to make sure they live up to the claim that their custom 0.4-inch (10mm) drivers are capable of delivering “deep, controlled bass, realistic vocals and beautiful treble clarity.”

As previously noted, battery life with ANC turned on is 10 hours but it jumps to 16 hours when with ANC is off. If the 10/16-hour play time you get on a single charge isn’t enough, the charging case can provide an additional 23 hours with ANC on or 36 hours with it off. There’s also a 10-minute quick-charge option that provides up to 2/4 hours of playback (ANC on/off) in a pinch.

The M100s can be controlled using touch controls or via the new Melomania Connect app, which provides a seven-band EQ with six presets in addition to the usual volume and track skip controls. The app can also be used to customize and personalize hands-on operation. For more information, visit

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