Bracket Keeps Apple AirPort Express and Apple TV Out of Sight

GOBUDi brought the company’s “Out of Sight Bracket” to CEDIA for the first time. At a tiny corner booth that I almost missed, I found this clever little bracket that makes it extremely easy to mount an Apple TV or Apple AirPort Express in a hidden location without resorting to using awkward straps or double-stick tape on the back of the Apple device. The $19.99 bracket includes two strips of industrial strength adhesive tape on the back that securely hold the bracket in place on the back of a flat-panel or other conveniently out-of-the-way spot. The AirPort Express or Apple TV simply snaps in place in the bracket. All you need to do to remove the Apple box is gently unsnap it from the bracket. The Out of Sight Bracket is available now in black or white versions.