Boulder and Bolder

Pricey, high-end, dedicated 2-channel audio electronics were thin on the ground at CEDIA--they always are--but we did see amps from Constellation, Krell, Aragon, Theta, ATI, D'Agostino, and Esoteric (Esoteric is now distributed in the US by Integra). There was also this Boulder amplifier. Boulder is located in Boulder, Colorado, in case you missed the connection, which is just a stone's throw from CEDIA's Denver location.

Yes, despite the horrendous floods that wracked that town in recent days, Boulder had a small booth and highlighted its 3060 stereo amp on static display. The amp is rated at 900W per channel into 8 ohms, operates in Class A, and will set you back $115,000 (black is extra, at $126,500). That's not a typo. You can also buy a pair of the company's 1500W monoblocks for $205,000 ($225,000 in black). For that 11.2-channel home theater, that comes to, let me see now...