Beyond HD With JVC's New D-ILA Projectors

Before introducing its new D-ILA front projectors JVC offered a fascinating glimpse of what's beyond HD. It showed some flight simulation clips and some native 4K movie material (from and odd movie called The Trident) on its 4k x 2k D-ILA system in a movie theater-sized venue, on a screen not quite movie sized. This is far more pixel density than current 1920x1080 HD, and the depth and dimensionality of the image quickly demosntrated why I believe digital cinema in theaters needs 4K to take off.

Now, as JVC's Dave Walton says, let's drop "back down the world of HD." JVC announced two new D-ILA front projectors due in November, the DLA-RS2 and the DLA-HD100. The former will be sold through the pro line and JVC says it's cracking down on Internet sales. Both will retail for $8K. JVC claims increased contrast ratio over the preceding units, HDMI 1.3 connectivity, and extensive gamma adjustments allowing for customization of the image. The projector's Gennum processing will feature a "V-Stretch" mode tailored for use with an external anamorphic lens for projecting on a 2:35:1 screen.

I'll have more later on JVC's LCD flat panels and also on its HD-ILA rear proejction business, which JC has confirmed is now solely dedicated to slim line models.