Bem Wireless Lights up the Party and Brings Sound on the Go

Everyone at CES tries to add a bit of flair to their booths to get people to stop in. bem wireless didn’t have to do much - their new Party Block speaker brings its own flair. Flashing a rainbow of colors, this is a powerful poolside partner.

The Party Block is a single Bluetooth speaker with a powerful Bluetooth transmitter that lets you move it up to 80 feet away - that’s more than twice the range of a typical Bluetooth system. The Party Block is available in black or white. The attractive downward-firing LED lights can be set to a single color, or it can slowly transition through a spectrum of colors. A single speaker sells for $199 and comes with the Bluetooth transmitter. You can expand the system to up to 100 speakers, but they’ll be mono - you can’t create a stereo pair. Lining a pool with a series of these will definitely create a stunning look.

Another new product from bem wireless is the speaker band. Sure, some companies are showing off smartwatches, but a speaker watch is actually a great idea. Instead of having to wear headphones on your next run, just strap on this colorful little speaker. It has a built-in microphone so you can take calls on the run too - it even has caller ID. Keep your hands free while walking the dog or taking the kids out for a stroll. It will play for up to 8 hours on a single charge. It sells for $50 and comes in six colors.

Sometimes flashy is a bad thing, but not in this case. Both of these portables prove that sometimes bright and colorful can be a good thing.