In The Beginning

I guess I should welcome you all to my blog. Does anyone actually read these things? I guess I’ll find out. Being the Video Editor, I’ll take this space to babble on about all things video. Certainly hardware will take up a big chunk of blog space, but I’ll also talk about HD program material, video games, and anything else you can put up on a big screen. I’ll try to make this space as informative and fun to read as possible, but seeing as I have a hard enough time being interesting once a month in the magazine, doing it once a week should be. . . well, we shall see.

I’ll also try to give you a glimpse of what life is like out here in the super-secret HT Lab and Studio. First tidbit: no windows. That’s probably why I’m so pasty. This week at the lab, other than getting this new website up and running (and the new HTGamer section), I finished our first official exclusive web review of the remarkable 777 from InFocus. In the coming days I’ll start measuring the six RPTVs that are going to be in our bi-annual face off for our February issue. That face off is going to be awesome.

So until next week then, when I hope to be a little more interesting (we can hope).

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What is this? Can I have a Blog?Bye,Dad

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Geoffrey,Welcome to the Blogosphere, I look forward to your commentary. HDTV is a very confusing, ever-changing subject, and the answers from manufacturers are so convoluted and misleading it would make even a politician blush. Hopefully your blog will be a beacon of light so that we can navigate these treacherous waters. In other words, "Tell it like it is, even if that means stickin' it to the man."In your review of the KDS-R60XBR1, "Sony says that the KDS-R60XBR1 lacks a 1080p input because the copy-protection hasn't been worked out yet for the 1080p sources." Are they saying that the HP Pavilion mdxx80n series, and all other near-future HDTVs, like JVC, etc..., with 1080p/60Hz, 165mhz HDMI inputs will not be able to play future 1080p sources at their full resolution?Will there be a new backwards-compatible HDCP version for 1080p, or will they be introducing yet another copy-protected connection to replace HDMI altogether?Or, are they spreading FUD pure and simple?Thanks,J.T.

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I really hope that you test the JVC HD-70FH96 and compare it to the Sony KDS-R60XBR1. Aside from the size difference, I'm very interested in your thoughts on the picture quality. Of the three technologies, DLP,LCD, and LCOS, I think LCOS provides the better picture based on what I have seen. As both of these models use 3 chips of 1920 x 1080 resolution, the variations should be due to the supporting electronics within the sets.Maybe I won't be able to tell the difference between a 1080 vs a 720 display or signal, but the fact is the HD spec calls for a 1920 x 1080display. Is it wrong to want the best you can get? Thanks! KS

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Thanks J.T.. I don't know about being a beacon. Maybe a flashlight. The copy protection thing Thanks J.T.. I don't know about being a beacon. Maybe a flashlight. The copy protection comment from Sony seemed like a smoke screen, and to hear HP tell it, all that is needed for 1080p is buying HDMI inputs that aren

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Well Geoff, I sure hope that you check out the anthroproformorfic sound systems on all those machines that you review for Home Theater Magazine.

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I liked your review of the SONY 60" SXRD. As a professional calibrator with a trained eye I can say "This is Hi-Def as promised." I ran to a local chain retailer to see it and it WOWS 'EM! Other than your liking the (IMHO) 2 worst shows on TV, you're a pretty cool guy.