Beale Gets Real Thin In-Ceiling and In-Walls

Beale Street Audio’s Sonic Vortex technology is the secret sauce behind—actually, inside—the company’s in-ceiling speakers. Sonic Vortex technology turns the speaker’s integrated back box into “a compact, integrated, tuned cabinet that offers a ‘twist’ on Ported Transmission Line design by optimizing air movement” to produce stronger, deeper bass response more efficiently.

According to Beale, “The enclosure also keeps sound from bleeding to other rooms while adding a six to nine dB boost in mid-lower bass.” At last year’s CEDIA, when Beale debuted the concept and the company, the Sonic Vortex speakers were quite deep. Beale’s 6.5-inch, two-way, in-ceiling, the IC6-BB, has a mounting depth of 6.8 inches. This year, Beale is adding new “super-slim” two-way, in-wall/in-ceiling models that measure only 2.75-inches thick but still retain most of the bass-enhancing benefits of Sonic Vortex technology. The new in-ceiling/in-wall models, the P4-BB (with a four-inch two-way carbon fiber woofer and 3.25-inch Titanium tweeter) and the IPLCR4-BB (two-way with dual four-inch carbon fiber woofers and a 3.25-inch tweeter) are expected to be available before the end of the year. Final pricing has not been announced.