Be An Elitest

With a name like Pioneer Elite, home-theater junkies may be lining up already to get their hands on the company’s new in-wall/in-ceiling speakers. Pioneer has expanded its architectural series of in-wall/in-ceiling speakers to include some new additions with the name Elite on them. Given the company’s history of solid performance with its Elite brand of plasma HDTVs and Blu-ray players, the new speakers could very well be a big hit.

Pioneer has not released all the details of the new Elite architectural series such as pricing, but the company claims that the three new in-wall models are crafted with the highest standards. Each LCR speaker offers Pioneer’s CST technology, which improves a room’s “sweet spot” by expanding it to reach the whole audience. The technology promises to improve off-axis performance and provide a better overall frequency response. Additionally, each speaker in the new Elite architectural series includes a titanium tweeter, woven aramid fiber woofer and a cast aluminum chassis.