Bang & Olufsen Debuts Music Player that Knows What You Like

Bang & Olufsen showed a trio of new products including new headphones, a 75-inch 4K TV, and a music player that learns what music you listen to at different times of day. The newest addition to the BeoVision Avant line fits in between the previous 55-inch and 85-inch models. BeoPlay headphones include the H8 top-of-the-line, noise-canceling wireless model and the low-end over-over-the-ear H2. But it was the BeoSound Moment music system that stole the show.

The BeoSound Moment plays and aggregates both your online (initially, the Deezer HIFi streaming service) and personal libraries. As your family plays music, it learns what genres of music you like to listen to throughout the day. With one tap of the wooden touch controller, the Moment will play music based on your listening habits. The controller is a two-sided wireless panel. One side is the first-ever wooden touch interface subtly embedded into a wood panel. The other side sports a traditional aluminum touch wheel and touch screen panel.

If you don’t want to listen to the suggested music, you can browse the music library on the touch panel, or choose music represented by a color wheel. Each color in the circle corresponds to a different mood of music. Jazz or soft rock are green, upbeat music is yellow, and hard rock is red. You can also choose music that you play often or music that is not in your library. The BeoSound Moment will be available in the U.S. by April and will run $2800.

From Bang & Olufsen’s BeoPlay line comes a pair of new over-the-ear headphones. The H2 model enter the mid-priced U.S. headphone market at $199 and is offered in black, cream, and lime green. On the other end of the spectrum, the H8 headphones are a wireless version of last year’s top-of-the-line H6 model. Like the H6, the H8 is designed with memory foam ear pads with aluminum outside. Volume and playback can be controlled by tapping and swiping the right aluminum exterior.

The Danish company also showed the 75-inch BeoVision Avant 4K UHDTV that can adjust its angle by a remotely contolled motorized stand that rotates around a flat base. An iPad app with program guide can be used to control the TV.

Lastly, B & O announced an updated BeoPlay A9 disc-shaped powered speaker. The MKII will stream music using Bluetooth, AirPlay or from DLNA sources. Like the original A9, it delivers 480 watts with separate amps for 5 built in speakers and an 8-inch woofer.