ATI's Signature Amp

Morris Kessler knows his way around an amplifier. His name may be a little less well known to audiophiles than Dan D'Agostino, Nelson Pass, and John Curl, but he has been quietly designing great amplifiers for many companies at least as long as any of them--and longer than some. His current company is ATI, well known for producing solid-performing, high-value audiophile amps. This is his signature design, the first to feature his name on the front panel. Available from 2-channels at $4000 and $8000 for 7 channels, it sports 400 W continuous into 8 ohms and, in 7-channel form, weighs in at 143 lbs! It should be available in January.

DaleC's picture

I would never pay the prices these kinds of gear demand, but I love geeking out over the designs and build quality.

I compare this stuff to the guitars, vintage cars and art that I chave collected over the years. The actual perfomance can't justify the price, but their physical beauty and unique personalities can make the owner ok with spending that much cash. A '67 Corvette 427 convertible is nowhere nearly as capable a car as a new Accord, but which one would you rather own?