Are You With Me Dr. Hsu?

I get asked for speaker suggestions all the time. I make them. They get ignored. It all comes down to money.

So when I finally visit a friend and see their system, nine times out of ten, it sounds plain bad. I need to find some cheaper speakers to recommend. Maybe the new Hsu HB-1 bookshelf speaker will do the trick. It is part horn, part conventional driver and all of $125 a piece.

Combined with a $400 MBM-12 mid-bass subwoofer (50 Hz bottom end) and the new $900 VTF3HO subwoofer (with turbo ports no less!), the system sounded better than many far more expensive ones I've had the displeasure of hearing. We expect good bass, no make that great bass, from Hsu. But he played the human voice in both the male and female varieties and the system definitely kept me intrigued and smiling. Look for a review from us as soon as HB-1 and MBM-12 are in production (later this summer).