Arcam Plays with PlayFi

Add Arcam to the growing list of companies that have joined the DTS PlayFi wireless streaming camp with the introduction of the company’s new rPlay Wireless Music Receiver. For performance minded listeners that have been looking for a way to dip their ears into the wireless listening waters, rPlay will enable adding PlayFi to any system and has a ton of features to get excited about.

As part of the company’s rSeries, the rPlay has an “executive system” form factor with a width of about 7 ¾-inches. More impressive is what the company manages to pack into the small space, with a coaxial digital output and both fixed and variable analog audio outputs letting you connect to a variety of systems and either use the volume within the PlayFi app or use a local volume control. It connects to a local network either via hardwired Ethernet or WiFi 802.11 b/g/n.

In addition to PlayFi, the rPlay will feature Apple Airplay, and is UPnP enabled to make sure you can get your music to it in whichever manner you prefer. Proving that they having forgotten their audiophile heritage, the rPlay will support high-resolution audio up to 192/24 and the variable analog output stage uses the same volume control as found in the company flagship A49 integrated amplifier.

The rPlay can also become part of a multi-room, multi-room streaming solution, with up to eight units supports. Arcam anticipates rPlay will be available sometime in Q1 for $600.