Alcons Demos Pro-for-Home Theater Setup

Alcons is a company new to me, but they went all out in a Pro-for-Home, home theater setup. The speakers were a complex assemblage, with pro mid and high frequency drivers, the latter claimed to be an extremely rugged ribbon. The front speakers are shown in the slide being shown in the pre-demo briefing above (the room was far to dark for a more revealing photo). There were also multiple Alcons subwoofers, side height speakers, and rears that were scaled-down versions of the fronts (and would likely serve perfectly well as fronts in a more domestic-size space).

The cabinets are clearly intended to be hidden, as they’re unlikely to pass the home-décor test. As with much of the gear at CEDIA, they’re obviously meant for a dedicated home theater (or even a small commercial cinema!). All of these speakers were being driven by the rack of amps in the left of the photo, fronted by a Trinnov surround processor.

The projection was provided via a Barco Residential laser-lit model seriously lighting up a 185-inch Screen Acoustics UltraWeave V6 acoustically transparent screen.

I didn’t inquire about the price, but it was clearly on the “If you have to ask” category. The Barco projector alone is in the $350,000 range. But allowing for demo material that was unrelentingly aggressive, the audio was extremely dynamic and the picture superb.