Anthem Blu-ray

Anthem has its first Blu-ray player, the Anthem Statement BLX200 ($800). It offers all the features of most BD machines, including Profile 2.0 with 1GB of memory and Internal decoding of the new high rez audio formats (or bitstream out if you prefer). If you're asking, like most BD players it does not play SACD or DVD-Audio.

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Hopefully this has XLR outputs for CD play back. If not, then why is this in their statement range?

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Every time a company introduces a blu-ray player above the $500 mark, they increase Oppo's sales. If Anthem had price matched the Oppo, Anthem lovers may have bought into the all Anthem rack thing. At $800, it doesn't make any sense.

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, внутри OPPO(BBK)...не кул.....

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I think it's funny that everyone immediately dismisses everything that costs more than an Oppo. I think the Oppo is an excellent machine, but have seen it run side-by-side with the Pioneer BDP-09FD ans Sony BDP-S5000ES, and the Pioneer and Sony both had a slightly better picture. Whether the improvement in picture quality is worth the money is certainly debatable, but the difference is truly there.

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You're right...comparing the Anthem to an OPPO is rediculous...and at 800.00 doesn't make any sense...the Anthem is worth alot more....