DCM Features Synthetic Silk Driver

The 1.25-inch Teteron tweeter in this year-old DCM speaker line is called "synthetic silk." It's said to be as thin as silk, distinguishing it from other synthetic drivers, but is stronger and impervious to moisture. Here it's part of the TFE200 tower ($1000/pair), TFE60C center ($350), and TFE160BDP bipole/diple surround ($500/pair). DCM makes it and the other drivers used in the series, which include 6.5-inch kevlar or glass fiber woofers.

Ryan's picture

I have the TFE-200's and I am looking into buying the TFE60C and TP160BDP (Not TFE160BDP). The 200's sound great. I just need to upgrade my harmon/kardon amp.