Martin Logan

Martin Logan was featuring its flagship electrostatic speakers, but also in attendance was this small, stand/bookshelf design that incorporates An AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeter--a technology developed by Oscar Heil in the 1970s and made popular, briefly, in a series of speakers from ESS. The demo was brief, but the sound very promising. The speakers will be available in February 2010, with models at $400 and $600 and a pair of floorstanders also are in the works. Here they were used with a pair of the currently available Dynamo 700 subwoofers (wireless, $695 each--there's also a larger $995 Dynamo 1000))

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I picked up a Martin Logan Helos 20 speaker on Amazon. Can I use this as the rear speakers in a 5.1 system and use Polks for the front L/C/R?

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I hope these tweeters are made better today. I state this because these tweeters seemed to malfunction in two different speaker units that I had my hands on. I do not know whether the tweeters or crossover components were at fault. When they did work I felt thay delivered a very nice high end. In the 80s, my brother had a 3 way Ess Heil air motion tower system connected to a Dynaco Pat 4 pre-amp and their St-120 power amp. Those speakers "sizzled" with the Dyanco components.