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DISH Network today made the winning $320 million bid for the bankrupt Blockbuster, the onetime leader in brick-and-mortar physical movie rentals left reeling by the rise of Netflix and the more recent explosion of streaming services.

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Altec Lansing's newly announced Octiv 650 iPhone/iPod Touch dock makes your mobile companion the centerpiece of your living room.

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Onkyo continues to upgrade its line of receivers, today adding the everything-and-the-kitchen-sink HT-RC370 and just slightly less fully spec'd HT-RC360 ($849 and $549 respectively) to its 7.2 lineup, smoothing the feathers of those audio and videophiles who might have felt left out by last week's announcement of the music-only, decidedly retro TX-8050 stereo receiver.

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Some new stuff-or new takes on old stuff-from the David Bowie camp.

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This past week Harman International quietly released a public beta of How to Listen, a freeware application used in-house at Harman as part of a listening course for train staffers in product research, development, and testing.

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Like everybody else who covers media technology, we were excited by yesterday's announcement of Amazon's Cloud Drive remote storage and associated Cloud Player streaming media

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Today's the day Radiohead's The King of Limbs (which has managed to generate a pretty complex release history in its short life) finally hits stores.